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I’m perhaps doing something incredibly insane. Last week (Thursday, to be exact I think), I was poking around online and came across an article about BBC Lincolnshire holding a performance of a new musical about Priscilla Biggadike. Priscilla was the first woman to be hanged in a private hanging on the grounds of Lincoln Castle. She was hanged for poisoning her husband, however information came out a year later that proved her innocence. Poor woman.

BBC Lincolnshire is holding auditions for the musical….today. And I signed up to audition, giving myself 4 days to really learn the song I need to perform and to pick another song to sing! Am I crazy or what?

I think I’ve finally got down the Priscilla song. I’m worried about having to sing it unaccompanied though, since the recording is backed with a guitar. I’m also singing it an octave higher than the singer on the recording, since the man who wrote it is performing it, and I can’t sing that low.

For my second song, I think I’ve finally settled on “Anything Goes”. It’s tough trying to pick a song that’s appropriate and won’t put people to sleep with! I debated “With One Look” (Sunset Boulevard), “On My Own” (Les Mis), “You’ll Never Walk Alone” (Carousel), and several others….but I think I’m solid with “Anything Goes” now. Maybe.

My audition is at 3:30 at the BBC Lincolnshire studio….wish me luck!

The performance will be on 7 April at the Castle. Regardless of if I get in or not, you should go see it!

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