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What to Send

Occasionally, I’ll get a friend or family member asking what they can send me/bring me as well, so I’ve been working on a list of US snacks/products I’d like. Obviously, some of these items are EXTREMELY heavy or expensive, so I don’t really expect them to be sent, but this list is also for friends who visit. If you send me a package, feel free to request something British in return. This list looks long, but that’s only because I was trying to put a variety of things on it…when I get any of these items in the post, I look at it as a treat, and I tend to make it last for as long as I can! Most of the items below can be purchased in the US or Canada, and then I have a shorter list below of some Austrian and/or German treats we loved. We also both love surprises! The only restrictions are I am allergic to maple, onion, and garlic. Please note that as of March 2012 I was diagnosed with Diabetes and can’t have a lot of sugar, so many of the treats listed are sugar free.

(Sixth Edition, Updated 04 January 2015)


Bath & Body Works: Cranberry, Cucumber Melon (body wash, lotion, spray, hand wash)
Bath & Body Works mini hand sanitizers (any scent)
Blue Aloe Vera Gel (blue sunburn gel? Whatever it is)
Crock Pot Liner bags (Reynolds or generic)
Glad Press N’ Seal
Neosporin (or generics)
Nexcare bandages
Nexcare latex free tape (it’s on a roll like scotch tape and is clear)
Percogesic (it’s a pain reliever. Usually available on the bottom shelf near Tylenol. I’ve only ever seen it at CVS)
Ziplock Quart & Gallon sized bags


4C sugar free 50/50 iced tea mix
Annie’s Organic Pink Lemonaid gummies
Celestial Seasonings: Sleepytime, Pumpkin Spice
Cheez Whiz (or generic) (for Tim)
Chex Mix
Cream of Shrimp soup
Crystal Light (the tubs that make a pitcher – or store brand. Any flavour but Orange or Raspberry Ice (I have plenty of RI!))
Crystal Light singles (or generic); any flavour
Crystal Light liquid (or generic; any flavour)
Diet Root Beer
Diet Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate
Dill pickles/hamburger chips
Folgers mild coffee
Goldfish Crackers (Cheddar, Original, Pretzel, Pizza)
Hazlenut Coffee (not instant!)
Hersey Krackle Bar (or a bag of miniatures)
Hershey’s Sugar Free Syrup
Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing (powdered mix)
Hot Apple Cider – Sugar Free (powdered drink mix)
Milk Duds (for Tim)
Mint M&Ms
Nestle semi-sweet (or bitter/dark) chocolate chips
Other flavoured coffee (any brands) (Chocolate for Tim)
Pickle Relish
Powdered Drink Mixes (single serve for bottles. Any flavour, especially the iced tea ones)
Pretzel M&Ms
Smuckers Sugar Free Jelly (or other brand)
Smuckers Sugar Free Pancake Syrup (or other brand SUGAR FREE but can’t have maple in it)
Smuckers Sugar Free Hot Fudge (for Tim)
Sugar free Hershey chocolate chips
Sugar Free Hershey chocolate products (Peanut Butter cups, regular chocolate, etc.)
Sugar Free Jell-o (pudding or generic)
Sugar Free Twizzlers
Throat Coat
Tide stain removing stick (or mini or generic)
Toll House Chocolate Chips (semi sweet or seasonal)
Tootsie Rolls (for Tim)
Turkey Hill Diet Orange Iced Tea
York Peppermint Patties

From Austria/Germany

Manner Wafers
Mezzo Mix Zero or Diet
Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate Hazlenut
Ritter Sport Diet Chocolate
Ritter Sport Knusperflaken
Senf Estragon


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  2. miss m June 12th, 2011 0:55

    I’m looking through this list and half the things I’m like, oh man you can’t get that either?? 😉

    Anytime you need a surrogate shopper I’m happy to help. Give me a shopping list and I’ll shop on your behalf.

  3. Rebecca June 13th, 2011 0:47

    some of the things we DO have substitutes for, but you know, it’s not the same thing. I look at stuff from the US as treats, so when I DO get things, I use them sparingly. I’ll let you know. Right now, I really want some crystal light raspberry iced tea, but Mom said she couldn’t find it anywhere! 🙁 If you happen upon it, could you pick some up for me? I was looking for the packs that make a pitcher, but I guess by the single bottle would be alright. Better than nothing, right?

  4. Kathleen carosi January 5th, 2015 8:19

    I will try to remember this. Pm me your address on Facebook and let me know the dates you are back in the states so I can pick a good time to send it over.

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