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Who Am I?

My blurb on facebook says “I’m an American married to a Brit and have permanently settled in the UK. I am an expatriate, not an ex-patriot, as I still like my home country….I just also happen to like my new one!”

I’ve always hated writing these things. I’m horrible at the autobiographical stuff, so I found one of those survey things to fill out, instead.

1. First Name:
Rebecca Jane, though my friends from the past call me Becca. Oh, but that’s not to say that new friend’s can’t call me Becca. I just usually introduce myself now as Rebecca, and my family and Tim’s family all call me Rebecca, including Tim. Tim randomly named my Wii mii Becca-Jane. Which is funny, since that was one of my nicknames. I don’t think I ever told that to Tim.

2. Age:
31 (as of August 2010). Funny, it wasn’t as big of a deal as turning 30 was. Then again, when I turned 30, I wasn’t even engaged, let alone living with my SO.

3. Location:
Lincolnshire, UK in half of a farmhouse from the 1800s. I was born in 1979 in Brooklyn, NY. Grew up in NJ and then moved to Pennsylvania for college (Penn State). My mom moved to PA when I was 19, so I stayed in PA post-college until I married my husband (Tim) in 2009 and moved to the UK in 2010. I also briefly lived in Michigan and Dauphin, Manitoba.

4. Occupation:
Housewife, and pretend writer. No, really. I have written a few articles, but nothing that’s overly impressive. I actually really enjoy being a housewife, and hopefully one day will be a stay-at-home-mom.

5. Partner?:
The greatest husband in the world, Tim. We were married on 5 November 2009 so we’ll always have fireworks to celebrate.

6. Kids:
Ask us again in a few years.

7. Brothers/Sisters:
1 half brother (who I never speak to), 1 Sister-in-Law, 1 Brother-in-Law, and 1 Outlaw Sister (it’s a joke, she’s not a criminal! Ask Tim to explain it!), my “sistah”, Laura, and a Brother-in-Law I’ll never get to meet, but who I hope would have approved of me.

8. Pets:
A Part Maine Coon American Tabby (Will!), and a very tiny British Tuxedo kitty, Prudence. Well, technically Will is mine and Prudence is Tim’s, but they’re both ours. Will is still living in PA with my mom, but we are still planning on moving him to the UK

9. Parents:
Deceased Dad (1992). Mom lives in PA. MIL and FIL live around the corner from us. MIL gave FIL a kidney several years ago. That’s pretty unique.

10. Other Relatives:
Too many to list! My mom is the youngest of 9, and I’m the youngest of 18 grandchildren. Many of my cousins are married with kids, and some of their kids are married with kids, too. My mom’s oldest nephew is only a few years younger than her, and her yougest is only a few months old. I’m the youngest of my generation. My children will be the youngest of their generation, too. I’m close to a lot of my cousins despite the large age gap. I was born on my cousin’s 15th birthday, and she and I have always been close, as well as several other first cousins who are all 10-20+ years older than me. I’m also close to some of my second cousins, and grew up playing with lots of them, as they were all in my age group (3 older than me, even!).

On Tim’s side, other than his siblings, he has 2 aunts and his grandad living local. His Outlaw Sister is married and has three kids (I’m an Auntie!), and he has several aunts, uncles, and cousins in other parts of the UK. His family is still much smaller than mine though!

11. Hobbies:
Crafting is probably my number one hobby, followed closely by cooking/baking. In third place is gardening. I’ve sort of adopted parts of Tim’s hobby, too. He’s into trains. Like, all trains. We’ve got a narrow gauge garden railway in the garden, which I love. I’m also into steam trains, while Tim is more of an any train kind of person. I also love to read, and of course, write!

12. Favourites:
Book: Anne of Green Gables series and Harry Potter series
Colour: Purple
Food: Pizza
Drink: Cranberry Juice, Redbush tea
TV: Doctor Who, Friends, Big Bang Theory, Castle, Chuck, Not Going Out, Gavin & Stacey, Black Books, Babylon 5
Movie: The American President
Place: US – Ann Arbor, MI / UK – “The North” / World – Austrian Alps

And there you have it. A little bit about who I am 🙂


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  1. Betsy October 13th, 2011 10:11

    very much looking forward to getting stuck into your blog! always love finding new expat bloggy friends 🙂

  2. Rebecca October 13th, 2011 16:04

    Thanks Betsy!

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  4. Rebecca January 27th, 2019 14:30

    Sorry, I don’t drive!

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