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One of my closest friends, Miss M has a problem. A really, big problem.

She needs to have a hysterectomy at the age of 34 to remove her uterus and possibly an ovary. From her blog:

I have two fibroids in my uterus the size of baseballs (exact quote from doctor) and two cysts as large too. They are apparently at the point where you can feel them through the skin and they’re so big it’s causing blinding pain and need to be removed. Most likely on Wednesday I will have laproscopic surgery to remove my uterus.

In a later post, M explains that her uterus is the same size of a woman who is four months pregnant, only she’s well, not pregnant.

Here’s the bad news….

Finally had the doctor’s office call me back. She’s saying I can’t do the surgery tomorrow because they need to see me pre-op. No shit, that’s why I’ve been calling since I was discharged Monday. She says the office visit for the pre-op is $140. Fine, no problem. But then she says they need $2,000 UP FRONT for the surgery.

You see, M is like many other women in the US who do not have health insurance. She works part-time and does not get insurance from her company. Now, I could get up on my soap box and start talking to you about how horrible it is that the US doesn’t have universal healthcare — and it IS horrible. But that’s not going to help M out.

M designs beautiful jewellery over at Phoenix Fire Designs. Even though I myself make jewellery, I have many pieces made by M, including a tree of life, and most recently I purchased a custom bracelet for my mom for Mother’s day, and a bird’s nest necklace for my Mother-in-Law. Currently, I keep eyeing a bracelet and earring set on her site, too.

If you’re wary of purchasing items off a regular website, M also runs an Etsy shop. You might want to check with her before ordering a custom piece, as I’m not sure what she is doing right now as she waits to have her surgery.

You can also, if you so choose, make a donation directly to M via her paypal account. There is a donation link embedded in her most recent blog post.

Thanks for reading.

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