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Menu Plan Monday – Trying to eat Healthier!

I think I re-did the menu about five times, and have edited the Tesco order at least 10. Good thing I can edit the order until 4AM!

Schedule-wise, Tim’s on the early shift all week until Friday when he rolls into a long weekend off, so I didn’t have to find fast meals to cook. We’re aiming to eat healthier, but I’m not sure how well Tim will cope with a week that has 3 vegetarian meals (four if you count the tacos on Sunday), 3 fish meals, and only one meat-y meal, but…we’ll see. hopefully he’ll tell me if he’s not happy with the meals.

Monday – Quorn Quesadillias with the leftover Quorn taco filling from tonight
Tuesday – Home made/home baked fish and chips with mushy peas and salad
Wednesday – veggie stir-fry
Thursday – Egg fried rice (Wednesday’s leftovers, just add an egg.)
Friday – Grilled salmon, green beans, and pesto packets with a salad
Saturday – Fish pie – This is still my go-to recipe.
Sunday – Hawaiian Chicken in the crock pot, brown rice, salad, broccoli

Tim’s lunches this week will be either Chocolate Cream Cheese spread (his request!) or the rest of the Chicken Tikka sandwich filler from last week (he also takes a banana, an apple, and an actimel).
My lunches will either be a bagel with cream cheese & smoked salmon or a small jacket spud with cottage cheese on top (and grapes, oranges, and an actimel)

Tesco order total for this week: £43, including delivery and a few household items. MUCH better than the previous weeks where we were spending upwards of £50, but this week also doesn’t have much meat in it and several meals are coming straight from the freezer.

Hoping the weather holds out so we can get out with the nordic poles this week!

Off to bed for me. 1:30AM and I have to get up when Tim does at 5 to make his Lunch since I’m too tired to trust myself with a knife right now!

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