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Local Emergency Numbers

Now, before anyone panics, NO, I didn’t need to call for Emergency Services.

I texted Tim’s sister earlier today to tell her that the house was warm* and she wrote back with “Is the house on fire? Call 999! LOL” And that got me thinking about emergency numbers while traveling. Now, Tim hadn’t told me that if there was an emergency to dial 999 instead of 911, but I knew the UK emergency number was 999 because I watch a lot of British TV shows. But if I was traveling in another country, I don’t think I’d be able to tell you. In Canada, it’s also 911, so I’ve never had to look up an alternate.

I checked out Wikipedia for emergency numbers, and I found out that dialing 112 in many countries will also lead to emergency services, and that emergency services can be dialed even from a simless/networkless/serviceless mobile phone by dialing 112. Good to know.

The Wiki entry, complete with list of countries and their emergency code by continent can be found here: or if you’d rather look things up alphabetically, you can check here.

Please check before you go on vacation to another country what you would need to dial in case of an emergency.

[*it’s a bit of a mocking point with Tim that his house is always on the cold side…or at least, it used to be until he re-arranged some of the heaters and got an extra space heater]

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