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Google Maps Lie!

My mom drove me to the Philadelphia airport this morning. We don’t often go there, as I recently have been flying out of BWI, but when PHL is cheaper we go there since we live sort of between the two (or at least, equidistant). We printed directions off Google even though we were kind of familiar with the route.

Google Maps lie! An 11.6 mile stretch starting with the Rt 100 exit is actually more like 20+ miles. You have to be either familiar with the area or have a good sense of direction to know that there are three right turns not mentioned AT ALL in these directions. They aren’t new roads, so I’m not sure what Google Maps problem is with them. Basically, when you get off at Rt 100, you’re really on Rt 113. THEN you turn onto Rt 100, followed by a turn onto Pottstown Pike, and at one point you actually have to turn back onto 322 to get to 202. I don’t see *any* of that mentioned in the directions, do you?

Moral of the story? Make sure you have a real map in your car for a back-up, and try to figure out a way of verifying your directions before you go! Especially if you have to reverse them on your own for the way home! Mom wound up going a different way home because of all the turns not listed…oh, and id I mention that Rt 100 was closed in the opposite direction? Why doesn’t Google Maps update for those kinds of things?

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