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Twenty-three Days!

I head home in six days….and then 16 days later I’m headed to the UK for two months. Yikes! That’s a small turn around, and I have a lot I need to get done. The 30th is a wasted day, I’m traveling on it all day and will get into Lancaster at 11:55PM. October 1 I’m going to probably be spending that day unpacking, doing laundry, doing stuff with my mom, and spending quality time with my cat.

Things I have to do before I leave (again):

  • unpack, make new packing list, repack
  • buy a power adapter for the UK (anyone have one I can borrow?)
  • buy batteries for my camera
  • make sure refund goes through
  • print all UK travel docs
  • shop for whatever I need (make a list of what I need)

I feel like I’m missing something….

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