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We interrupt the trip log from last weekend to bring you the following:

OMG it’s snowing!!

This morning I woke up around 7:30 to put food into the crock pot for later this afternoon and I heard a pattering noise against the window. Wondering if it was rain I was hearing, I opened the front door to see — SNOW!

Tim says it hardly ever snows here, and when it does it’s never much, but it was really coming down for a while there!

Now, we did suspect it was going to snow, as last night on the news they talked about snow up and down the East coast (of the UK), but I had honestly forgotten about it by the time I woke up!

Sadly, it started to turn to ice and now rain, but for a brief time, we had snow!

view from the front door.

Tim’s garden railway

Looking up the street

More photos:

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