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[This entry refers to a trip taken in March 2009. As requested, I will be going back and blogging the trips I only posted vlogs about January – April.]

We finally had a sunny day! Our last day in the North was bright and sunny, so we split our day doing some train things for Tim, and a castle for me.

We parked at a park and ride near Durham. We’ve discovered the park and rides really are a much better deal than trying to find parking in a city centre, not to mention the cost. Plus, you don’t have to deal with town traffic…just avoid the bendy busses. The bendy bus in York made me sick.

Once again though, we managed to find a site closed! But this one had a legitimate excuse other than the off-season. Durham Castle is part of Durham University and they actually conduct classes in the castle, and close it on days there are classes. Imagine taking a class in a castle? How cool would that be?

But, we were just across the green from Durham Cathedral, and decided to take a look around the inside. We were not permitted to take any inside pictures, but I assure you, it was breathtaking. Durham Cathedral is actually only the second Cathedral in the UK I’ve been in. I was in Westminster Abby in 1997 when I went to London for the first time, and that’s it. Even though Lincoln has a cathedral (that I’ve photographed many times!), Tim and I just never actually made time to go to it, and I didn’t want to go it alone. Ah well, something to do in the future.

Anyway. After wandering around the cathedral for a bit, we headed to the cathedral’s cafe for a light lunch before locating the park and ride (conveniently outside the University Library between the Castle and Cathedral!) and heading back to the car.

We did several train-related things on this weekend, too, but I’m going to ask Tim to be a guest blogger and write about those, since I know I won’t do it justice!



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