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Domain Name for Sale!

(no not this one)

I am selling the domain Previously, it was a very successful fansite for the British actor Burn Gorman, but after some unresolvable differences with the others I was running the site with, we decided to disband it back in March.

Originally I had planned to get a new team and re-build the site on my own, but due to time constraints that is no longer possible. is *still* ranked within the top 5 google results for “Burn Gorman” (it’s third, behind wiki and imdb last time I checked). Previously, this site ranked as the number one search result for Burn Gorman, so I know with the right people behind it, it can rise again.

I currently own the domain and in order for me to transfer it to someone else, you would need to have your own web hosting already set up, either through Dreamhost or another provider.

I also have in my possession 7 gigs worth of Screencaps I personally took that I am willing to add to the deal. Files can be put onto a 10GB flash drive and sent in the mail.

If you think you might be interested, please send me an email with your offer to admin(at)burn-gorman(dot)com.

Please pass this on if you think someone might be interested!

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