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One of the new requirements under the BCI bill is volunteering. Volunteering will cut 2 years off your citizenship wait, reducing it from 5 years to 3. Since I enjoy volunteering, I decided to look for a place to volunteer starting now. This way, when the requirements finally get posted I’ll hopefully be on my way to fulfilling them.

I started my volunteer stint (will be 4 hours each week) at the Cancer Research UK charity shop yesterday. The day was on the slow side, but still enjoyable and I picked things up pretty quickly.

My basic responsibilities are all on the sales floor. When items come in they go upstairs for pricing. Someone will bring the priced items downstairs and people like me will go around placing the items on the correct racks (and in size order). I also am responsible for keeping the racks neat (make sure hangers are all going the same direction, nothing is falling off, sizes are in order, etc) and for operating the till (register). The people I worked with seemed somehow surprised that I picked up working the till so quickly, but once you’ve seen one till, you’ve seen them all. The money is different, though. I found myself looking for a £1 paper note (which doesn’t exist) a few times, and I forgot all about the £2 coin so when someone needed £4 in change I handed them 4 £1 coins! The other big difference is the size and types of coins – a 10p coin is the size of a US quarter, and a 5p is the size of a US dime. the UK doesn’t have a 25p coin, but has a 20p and also extensively uses a 50p coin as well as the £1 and £2 coins.

…But I’m learning.

I’m looking forward to this a lot. Not just because it’s a requirement to obtain citizenship, but because I honestly like helping people and volunteering.

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  1. Brandi February 26th, 2010 11:31

    There are £1 notes. Just very rare. I have two.

  2. Rebecca March 9th, 2010 13:22

    oooooh coool! You’ll have to scan one in or take a picture of it!

  3. Brandi March 9th, 2010 13:26

    They are a scottish thing, apparently. But I will! We have 1 Royal Bank of Scotland and 1 Bank of Scotland one.

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