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Swagbucks: Not as Cool as it Looks….

I’m nearly to 450 swagbucks, so I was browsing around looking for the Amazon vouchers.

Yeah. US $5 voucher? 450 SB. CA $5 voucher? 450 SB. £5 UK Voucher? Frigging 849 SB.


(click to make bigger)

Not fair, especially when the current US$ -> UK£ rate is really low. 600 SB I can see….but 849? That’s almost double!

So I might start collecting US$ Amazon certificates because I can always use them to buy gifts for people in the US or use them when I’m visiting the US and can bring them back with me…I think 849 is a rip for £5. And it sucks that people who don’t have a US address available to use don’t have the option of getting US certificates.

This all being said, I do like the idea of earning points for things while I search on Google, so if anyone is interested, here’s a pretty graphic link to join from:

Search & Win

Or click here:

I could really use the referrals!

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