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Yet another Mobile Update…

So, after bouncing back and forth about switching from Orange to O2, I finally made the definite decision. Because it will take 2-3 business days to transfer my number between the networks and because Orange still hasn’t sent me the damned return package for the phone I don’t want*, I’m not switching yet. After we return from our holiday in Austria (end September), I will be heading into the 02 shop with my PAK code and will be purchasing the LG Cookie.

I popped into the O2 shop last week and spoke with one of the sales associates – a woman who was older than the average mobile phone seller age, which was nice because I sometimes feel the young ones (hah! They’re not that much younger than me!) try to pressure you into buying things you don’t want/need…and at least in the case with the young guy at Orange, didn’t listen and was no help at all. Anyway. I explained to her the situation and she let me play with the Cookie – O2 has LIVE PHONES on display, whereas Orange only has the mock phones. After playing with the Cookie for about 10 minutes, I told her I wanted it but couldn’t buy it until the new Orange phone gets returned. She understood completely, and told me she would see me end September/beginning October.

Because of switching networks I will be current number less for 2-3 business days. BUT, O2 will give me a temporary number that I can use for a few days while it switches over. Better than being totally phoneless for a few days. I’ll probably do the switch the Thursday after we return from Scotland (going to see my favourite band, Barenaked Ladies the weekend after we come back from Austria!) and then be temp numbered over the weekend. I don’t use my phone a whole lot to begin with, but I always like knowing I have it and can use it when it’s needed.

So, final decision made. Not using Orange for mobile anymore. Funny, I almost had Tim convinced to switch HIS mobile to Orange so we could try to package bundle with Internet/Phone. Hah! We do still have Internet through Orange, but we never have any problems with it.

*Even better? After I send the phone back, it can take 30 days for the credit to show up on my card!

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