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One Year in the UK

I know, you’re scratching your head. I can hear you thinking What? She hasn’t been there a year yet!

And you’re right. I haven’t been here a year yet, BUT as of today, I have officially spent 12 full months in the UK during my assorted visits.

So here’s the break-down of my “first visits”:
October 17 – October 31: 2008
November: 2008
December: 2008
January: 2009
February: 2009
March 1-24: 2009
March 25-31: 1997
April 1-4: 1997
April 4-6: 2009
April 7-30: 2010
May: 2010
June: 2010
July: 2010
August: 2010
September 1-15: 2010
September 16-30: 2009
October 1-16: 2010

And I swear, I haven’t forgotten about everything I need to blog. I just seem to have developed a social life and since we got back from Austria, I feel like I’ve been constantly on the go! Updates soon!!

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