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When Filters are Bad…

I had to share this.

I set up some heavy filters for commenting on my blog because I had a rash of spam comments last year and I spent 5 hours deleting something insane like 1000 spam comments. most were for porn websites, so I added to the black list most of the ruder words for parts of the human body.

Yesterday, my friend M, tried to leave me a comment on my blog post. In her post, she used the word “glass”.

Can you guess why she couldn’t post her comment?

Yep. “Glass” contains “ass” and it got picked up by the bad word filter!!

So be careful what you block. I remember my friend’s maiden name used to give her grief because it had the word “cock” in it and some websites wouldn’t let her use it, and Tim was telling me about the town of Scunthorpe that sometimes gets picked up by filters (I won’t tell you why. Look at the word and figure it out!)

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  1. miss m November 17th, 2010 15:46

    *chuckles* Yup. Sometimes they’re just not very bright and they block all sorts of things they’re not meant to. 🙂

    I’m just glad it wasn’t personal!

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