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Need a New Solution

Okay, so editing the .htaccess file to block hotlinking didn’t work.

I managed to even cause my server a 500 internal server error in the process.


Anyone know of a way to batch watermark images? With the number I tend to post (especially with Austria pics) it will take AGES to watermark everything, but at this point, I feel I really need to in case places are hotlinking to my pics.

Argh. This is really frustrating.

Basically, the .htaccess file was blocking images on the RSS feed and on the LJ Feed even though it wasn’t supposed to and no matter what I added to the file, it still blocked things. And I really don’t think that most of my readers ever even click through to my site, unless it’s to leave a comment, as most people read things on one of the RSS feeds, so it’s a little counter-productive to say “click through to my site to see pics”.


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  1. miss m March 20th, 2011 21:48

    Boo. 🙁

  2. Rebecca March 20th, 2011 22:21

    I know 🙁 But at least I can attempt to watermark things….eventually. It’s just so time consuming!

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