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Royal Wedding Fever, Part I

I woke up at 4AM on Friday morning and Tim drove me to the train station where I boarded a train headed for Newark North Gate (followed by a train to London King’s Cross). Yes, I was going to join the crowds outside Westminster Abbey. I didn’t expect to get close enough to see much, but I was going for the experience and so I could say I was there.

I will write a post later describing my day, but for now, here’s a copy of my Twitter feed from yesterday:

  • 05:20:35: People on train with bacon buttys. Makes me hungry!
  • 05:29:14: Wave at the signalling centre!
  • 06:05:04: Snagged an unreserved seat to london
  • 07:38:54: Have met two lovely people on the train. We decided to stick together for a bit
  • 07:52:02: Mcdonalds at kings cross has free loos. (Bought a cup of tea though) #london
  • 08:30:27: At big ben. Trying to get close to westminster
  • 09:01:22: Amidst the crowds at westminster
  • 09:04:23: Anyone know where nbc is camped out?
  • 09:07:40: Cant see a thing but this is so worth it!
  • 09:21:00: Beckham has arrived
  • 09:29:30: American stations need to find me!
  • 09:37:32: Mayor of london arrived
  • 09:50:25: Just got interviewed by fox 11!
  • 10:03:48: On the move again. Can’t see anything anyway!
  • 10:18:17: Can see prince charles and harry’s car
  • 10:35:46: Saw princess anne!
  • 10:53:07: Oops. Walked in front of a ‘news caster’ who had a cheaper camera than me
  • 10:59:04: Found nbc but they are on the roof
  • 11:12:38: Passed a few regiments of marching soldiers.
  • 11:43:10: Listening to wedding in the park
  • 11:53:14: Whole crowd singing along to god save the queen
  • 12:07:14: Walking, walking, walking
  • 12:15:32: Ha! Knapsack got caught in cop’s handcuffs as i squeezed past!
  • 12:26:28: Omg. Just saw the queen!
  • 12:32:30: I’ve lost my new friends. 🙁 oh well it was a fun few hours
  • 12:35:34: Not going to see the official wave. Had enough of crowds. Might find a bench and have my lunch
  • 12:50:06: My bottle of sparkling water exploded on me and person next to me. He was a good sport though
  • 12:53:05: To rosa and arthur of grantham- thanks for making it fun. Sorry we got separated
  • 13:11:11: Is westminster abbey open to tour this afternoon?
  • 13:15:41: Have taken off and put back on longsleeved undershirt in public without flashing thank you hhs marching band!
  • 13:27:57: And a cheer went up! Must be the wave
  • 13:31:23: Amazing flyover!
  • 14:04:45: Should have stayed in park longer! Too many people
  • 14:14:33: Just walked past downing street
  • 14:31:01: Abbey not open 🙁
  • 15:19:28: Twit on underground giggles everytime cockfosters is announced
  • 15:39:59: In the loo at st. Pancras giving myself
    Wet wipe refresh. Sweat=more infections in armpit
  • 15:54:36: St pancras so much quieter than kings cross! Love the hubs for suggesting it
  • 16:18:52: Ah. East midlands trains…smooth and quiet
  • 18:28:35: Almost home…the rapeseed is killing my nose!
  • 19:33:27: Fine alk day and my knee goes at st mark’s in lincoln
  • 19:47:23: Uni campus is dead
  • 20:45:40: Should i be concerned that the door to the ladies loo at frankie and bennies reads ‘dies’?
  • 22:12:28: Home from my big day out after a wonderful meal with Tim. off to bed for this sleepy commoner! Will update with pics and blogs tomorrow!

You also can watch parts of the Royal Wedding on their official YouTube Channel: including THREE HOURS of coverage via this link:

I do have a vlog I took while in the crowd, it’s in the process of being uploaded now.

For other more official coverage, see:

And another person who was amidst the crowds:

My photos are available on Facebook via this link: but I will post highlights when I write my longer post!

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