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More DHL/Yodel Problems….

I placed another order with Boots recently. They had the rechargeable batteries at 3 for 2 again, but the shop didn’t have any, so online ordering to the rescue. I also ordered a few other toiletries I needed that also happened to be on sale, including an aerosol can of deodorant. My order was delivered on Monday, but I was out of town. I suppose it was my fault for being away for the delivery, but I wasn’t expecting the delivery until Tuesday.

I also was expecting a few Amazon packages – a birthday present for my mom, a book Tim ordered for me, and some DVDs. I assumed any packages delivered while away would either get put in the shed (they usually are) or left to be picked up at the depot.

Imagine my surprise when I got to my front door after being dropped off by my mother-in-law to discover my order SITTING IN FRONT OF MY FRONT DOOR? For those of you NOT in the UK, Monday was the hottest day of the year here and temperatures topped 36C (89ishF) with a feels like of even hotter. Not a good day to leave a package containing batteries and an aerosol can outside in! Not to mention, we had rain as well, so the box was pretty much falling apart by the time I got home.

Ironically, the packages from Amazon were in my shed, and a note from Yodel put through the letter slot telling me they put packages in the shed…so…one driver put the items in the shed, and the other by the door?

I rang Boots. I had to. This is the third time I’ve had a delivery where something went wrong — I know it’s not Boots’ fault, as they aren’t delivering it themselves, but they need to know the issues with Yodel.

As soon as the woman I spoke with on the phone looked up my order and saw that I had ordered batteries and an aerosol can, she was pretty upset that it had been left outside. The can of deodorant could have exploded! The batteries could have burst! Fortunately, neither happened and the only damage appeared to be a melted tube of concealer (which I told her about) and the lid of the deodorant can had come off. The woman I spoke with decided not only to send me replacement batteries, deodorant, and concealer, but also has refunded me the cost of the batteries. How amazing is that? Go Boots customer service (this is the third time I’ve spoken with them about a problem, and all three times they have been WONDERFUL)!

I sincerely hope Boots can claim the cost against Yodel, as it’s entirely their fault!

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