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My 5 minutes of “Fame” on BBC Lincolnshire

I was on the radio today. For about five minutes, but it was a fun five minutes. William Wright and I follow each other on Twitter and each day he usually tweets about what he will be talking about on-air and asks people for responses. He’ll read most of the replies out on-air, and will talk with a few of the people who tweet him. A few weeks back, he was discussing impulse buys, and wanted to have me on-air to talk about an impulse buy I tweeted him about (my mom when she was in her 20s went out to get her hair done and came home with a new car), but we couldn’t coordinate it because I was out in Haxey and mobile reception isn’t the greatest.

This morning, William tweeted about height. Apparently, there is a convention of tall people taking place in Paris right now, so he was curious about people’s height. I wrote back and told him I was 4’10.5″, and it was the half inch that really mattered. I also mentioned that my Brother-in-law was 6’8, so it made family functions fun. William wrote back and asked if I could come on the air and talk about being short, I said no problem and direct messaged him my phone number.

I received a call from Helen at BBC Lincolnshire who needed to take down some personal details and told me to expect a call back between 10 and 11. The phone rang a few minutes past 11 and William asked me to repeat what I had told him via Twitter. He asked me if I ever hated being short, so I mentioned being away at Summer camp and having two older boys use me as an elbow rest, and told him about being the shortest member of the family I married into.

It was fun and enjoyable, and I wouldn’t mind doing it again.

Of course, this isn’t my first time being interviewed with BBC Lincolnshire. You might remember a few months back, I auditioned for Priscilla Biggadyke. They interviewed me pre- and post-audition, as well as recorded my audition. I haven’t seen or heard my audition though. I almost wish I had asked for a copy of it! I also was interviewed by Fox 11 when I went down to London for the Royal Wedding, so what an interesting few months it’s been for me! I’m (almost) famous. Okay, not really. But it was still loads of fun!

Apparently, the show will be available on the iPlayer. It’s Melvyn in the Morning with William Wright sitting in for Melvyn from Today, 3 June. The show airs from 9AM til 12 Noon, so if you want to skip to my segment, forward it for about 2 hours. I don’t know how fast the shows go up, so I’d imagine you can check later in the day. I’ll try to download and record my segment as well, but I’m not very good at that!

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