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Update on Miss M (or US Healthcare Sucks)

Here’s an update on my friend, Miss M. She’s received the bill from the hospital for her ER stay, and including a 40% non-insurance discount, the total for that bill is over US$8,000. This means Miss M now needs to raise over US$10,000 before she can even schedule her surgery. The goalpost just jumped by over 375% (Tim says about 384%). Again, this doesn’t include ANY of the fees/charges involved with her eventual surgery or interim OB/GYN visits.

[photo above © M. Turner]

I know you’re probably getting sick of seeing me post about this, but M is one of my nearest and dearest. I won’t beg for you to help her, but new items have been added to PhoenixFunds, including some photographs I have submitted. Please take a look at either Miss M’s shop, PhoenixFunds, or her direct website. Again, if you are a crafter or artist and would like to donate an item to be sold for Miss M’s benefit, please contact me in the comments..

Her Website:


Donation Storefront:

Her Storefront:

Her Website:

Please pass these links along, re-tweet them, put them on Facebook, write a blog entry about Miss M, pass along my blog links…anything we can do to “boost the signal” and to help get M the help she needs. Especially if you’ve got any crafty friends because we are in need of crafty items!

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  1. miss m June 15th, 2011 22:39

    It’s my hope that my charity application with the hospital will pay for at least some of the $8,008.32 I owe the hospital. I don’t know yet though, I submitted my paperwork and now I just have to wait. They didn’t take Love’s income into account though on that paperwork and my income alone puts me below the federal poverty line so I hope it gets covered.

    At worse, I’m hoping that if they don’t pay all (or any) of the bill, if I just keep paying $20/month or something, it keeps my account current and should hopefully keep them from preventing me from scheduling the surgery.

    It’s just all so insanely complicated and difficult.

  2. Rebecca June 16th, 2011 0:11

    I hope it goes through. Since they aren’t including S’s income, surely they have to give you aid considering you’ve currently got 0 coming in. How were the leads with news related people? I’m doing all I can on my end to help!

  3. miss m June 16th, 2011 15:59

    No word back from any news source yet. :/

  4. Rebecca June 16th, 2011 16:01

    Your “Don’t get Sick in America” post got re-blogged over on Hysterectomy Daily ( from my retweet of your tweet, and your fundraiser tweet was also posted by them.

    Check your email. One of the papers I wrote to wrote me back!

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