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Desktop Update

The bad: Video card is fried.
The good: Comuter has an on-board video card that can be used instead
The bad: on-board card isn’t compatible with some of Tim’s video games. Will have to order a new card for £20-50.
The good: at least we can use the desktop while we wait for the video card to come in…

The desktop is still with Pete, but we’ll probably go get it tomorrow or Saturday and set it back up just so we can use it, then when we get the new video card get that installed so the video games work.

Though, if it won’t work with the video games, I’m not sure the on-board video would work with Photoshop CS3 either.


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  1. falnfenix September 2nd, 2011 13:56

    it’ll work fine, most likely. games have much higher requirements than Photoshop.

  2. Rebecca September 2nd, 2011 21:48

    good, cos I need to watermark my wales photos so I can post ’em!

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