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H Samuel is A+

When Tim and I got married in 2009, Tim bought our rings at H Samuel. Mine are white gold, his was Tungsten – an indestructible metal, according to the salesman. We picked a stronger metal for Tim because of his job and hobbies and we didn’t want a white gold ring to get ruined. The ring held up well, until a few weeks ago.

I happened to look down at Tim’s hand and noticed a triangular shaped chink missing from his ring, and a resulting crack running the full length of it. Since we are coming up on our second anniversary, we were pretty sure we would either have to pay to have it repaired, or buy a replacement. Tim was upset, as he wanted to keep the ring I put on his finger when we exchanged vows, but he knew he couldn’t keep on wearing a ring that was cracked – eventually it either would have come off or possibly even cut him.

We were in town today and went into the H Samuel where Tim purchased our rings. The salesman was absolutely astonished that Tim had not only cracked his ring, but put a nick it, too. He said the only time he had ever heard of a Tungsten ring getting damaged was when a woman took a hacksaw to her husband’s ring (when she was mad at him). He also explained that they do not resize the rings, they order the size you need and we would need a replacement. We told him that was fine and went over to the case of men’s rings. He asked us to wait and took the broken ring back to the office to show the manager.

The manager was so appalled that the ring had cracked, he offered to replace it FOR FREE, even though the statute of limits had worn off.

Cue us being overjoyed! It will take about a week for a new ring to come in in Tim’s size, but it’s worth it to have the replacement.

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