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Mobile Phones – Blackberry vs. Android vs. iPhone

I need a new phone. I’ve been using my Sony Ericsson w200i since I purchased it on my visit in 2008. I purchased it as a barebones basic phone for £30 just as something to use while I was in the UK, since my Verizon Wireless phone did not work outside of North America. I wound up taking the w200i back to the US with me, and since the phone was tri-band, I was able to keep it minimally topped up while I was in the US and Tim and I were able to text on it (as well as me with his other family and my friends). When I moved, I pretty much assumed I would get a different (better) phone to use on a permanent basis, but we never got around to it. I briefly tried out a LG KS360 in July 2010, and you can read all about it here. So it’s been well over a year since I tried getting a new phone, and I’ve stayed with Orange.

When I get my new phone, I’m switching to O2. O2 is the company Tim’s work phone and personal phone are on, and you can have O2 to O2 calls for free. Plus, Tim’s never had a complaint about O2. I, on the other hand, have had countless issues with Orange. It’s gotten better now that they merged with T-Mobile in terms of getting a signal, but I’ve rang Orange customer service far, far more than Tim has. I think the only time Tim’s had to even go into the O2 shop was when his phone went through the washing machine while he was visiting me Summer 2009.

So the great debate is out on what to get. My old phone from the US was a LG 9900 (sold on Verizon as an EnV). I LOVED that phone. The front of it worked as a regular mobile phone, but then you could flip it open and there was a full Qwerty keyboard and larger screen. It was perfect, because if I didn’t have both hands free to type on the full keyboard, I could tap things out the old way on the front…and I LOVED the Qwerty keyboard. A Qwerty keyboard is a MUST for my next phone. I text way more than I talk on my phone and I update twitter and facebook from my phone, too, so aps for those would be a plus.

For a long while, I wanted an iPhone. They were sleek and shiny, and a popular phone. I have an iPod Touch, so an iPhone would be very similar to it, just also having the capabilities of being a phone. iPhones are expensive, but if you want an older model they can be found on eBay for around £100. Still, that’s a lot of money for an old phone that has no guarantee of it actually working. And one of my biggest issues with my iPod Touch is the touch screen keyboard. I actually dislike it and wish it had keys!

Tim received a phone with his new job. A Blackberry Curve. Ironically, I have been looking on and off at a Blackberry Curve for several months, so I was more than a little jealous when Tim got one for work use! I love the Blackberry. It has a Qwerty Keyboard, it has Aps, and it has blackberry-to-blackberry messaging, which would help me keep in touch with my friends all over the world who also have blackberries. Tim let me play around with his to see how I liked using the keyboard on it (I sent an email to myself and played with the notepad) and I found it pretty easy to use. I really, really want one. O2 has a purple curve on offer as free with a monthly plan. The plan is £16.50/month for a 24 month contract. Not bad.

But then, there’s Android phones. Tesco mobile currently has Android phones on offer for free with £18.50/month plans (for 24 months). But I’m less-inclined to get an Android because it will have the same touchscreen keyboard as an iPhone. So I think I was only attracted to it based on it’s price and the fact that I know people who have them.

Honestly, I’m sold on the Blackberry. Plus, it means Tim and I can share travel chargers/car chargers which is always nice. I figure I’ll set up a pop email address on beccajanestclair for the blackberry and only give the address out to friends and family instead of having it linked to google mail..I don’t want to pay to receive spam/junk! And, I could always check gmail through the web if I really needed it.

Honestly, it’s just a matter of time!

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  1. Wulf September 13th, 2011 16:13

    There are plenty of Android phones that have physical keyboards, Becca. Do a bit more looking around 🙂

  2. Rebecca September 14th, 2011 10:27

    The only way I’m getting a new phone is if it’s a freebie with signing up for a plan…there’s no way I can justify even £100 on a phone unfortunately!

  3. Brandi September 22nd, 2011 21:42

    I have both the LG KS365 & HTC Desire Z. I prefer the desire z.. the keyboard on the lg one is rubbish!

    my mil has a blackberry torch and it’s pretty cool though

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