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More Fun with Phone Scams from India

Fun phone call tonight…

Man with Indian accent: Is this Mrs Lockley?
Me: Who may I ask is speaking?
Man: this is Bernard. I am calling about your bank account.
Me: Which bank are you calling from?
Man: I am from [firm name I didn’t catch, but it wasn’t a bank.]
Me: You told me you were calling from a bank. I’m not familiar with that bank.
Man: I am calling you about your bank account.
Me: yes, you told me that. I would like to know which bank account you are calling me about.
Man: I would tell you, if you listen.
Me: all right. go ahead.
Man: I am calling on behalf of your bank account
Me: [interrupting him] but you still haven’t told me which bank account you’re calling about.
Man: Would you listen to me? I am calling about your bank account.
Me: I’m sorry but until you verify which bank you are calling from I cannot tell you anything.
Man: [frustration in his voice] I am calling about all your bank accounts.
Me: So which banks would these accounts be at?
Man: All of them. All of the banks in Britain.
Me: I’m sorry, I need you to be more specific. I have several bank accounts [lie!] and I am interested in knowing which one you are talking about.
Man: If you tell me your bank sort code and your account number, I can help you.
Me: No, you just told me you were calling me about all of my accounts. How do I know which account number to give you?
Man: If you give me all of them, I will tell you which one.
Me: Please verify which bank you are calling from.
Man: [He is getting very frustrated] I told you. I am calling from all the banks you have accounts with.
Me: I only have one bank account.
Man: I am calling about it.
Me: Which bank is the account at?
Man: I will tell you once you verify the sort code and account number.
Me: You need to tell me which bank you are calling from and the account number and then I will verify if that is my account.
Man: I don’t have your account number. You have to give it to me.
Me: No I don’t. Where are you calling from?
Man: [name of firm spoken too fast to catch]
Me: That isn’t a bank I am familiar with.
Man: We are not a bank. We are calling about your bank account.
Me: I’m sorry. I cannot give you account information until you verify the account you are calling about.
Man: I am very sorry I called you. [click]

I 1471’ed it, but the only number I got back was 011.

But really, I had fun with that!!

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  1. stephanie September 2nd, 2011 21:40

    How are they able to get one’s name and number? That’s scary!

  2. Rebecca September 2nd, 2011 21:48

    phone books. Honestly, half the time they don’t even know if there is a Mr or Mrs Lockley living here. When I was visiting and those people called, they always called me Mrs Lockley even though there wasn’t a Mrs Lockley living in the house. These places just get a last name and a phone number. They probably don’t even know where we live.

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