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When a Tree Falls…..

[Taken looking out the upstairs window]

We’ve been having a lot of wind lately all over the UK. For a few days, I was enjoying the wind – clothing I hung out on the whirly were dry within 15 minutes and the air smelled crisp and like Autumn.

But then the wind continued. Apples on our apple tree were being blown off faster than I could pick them up before they started rotting on the ground. In the past few days, I have cooked over 6 kilos of apples and I still have loads to cook that I brought in the house, not counting the apples that have fallen yesterday or today that might still be good.

And then, on Wednesday, the worst thing happened.

I was sitting on the sofa watching something on TV when I heard the familiar “creeeeek creeeeek” noise our lilac tree makes when it blows in the wind followed by a “crrraaacccckkkk” and then a “thump”. I glanced out the front window to discover half of our lilac tree had been blown down and it missed the house by about 2 feet. When it fell, it took out a fence panel and very nicely the lighter bits landed on the railway.

[The view when I opened the front door]

[now what?]

[Where the tree cracked]

[No damage to the tracks]

Dave came over to assist Tim in at least trying to move the tree and get it cleanly broken off and they discovered a second crack on the other trunk for the purple lilac, so they took that down as well. All that is left is the white part and it looks very funny leaning slightly to the left like it always has without the rest of the tree! (I’ll take a photo of that later). A friend of ours, Rae, told me it might grow back and be more bushy since we still have lots of small shoots at the bottom that hadn’t been cut off….I hope so! I really liked that tree!!

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  1. falnfenix September 14th, 2011 16:25

    that is a rather dismayed-looking Tim.

  2. Rebecca September 15th, 2011 10:41

    I know 🙁

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