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John Barrowman in Nottingham

This is a few weeks late, but on 3 November I went to see John Barrowman with my friend Helen and some of her work mates. We had a GREAT time. John really puts on a great show!

I managed to snag a few videos secretly on my small Olympus camera, so I thought I’d share them with you. Please excuse any of the weird focussing issues my camera might have been having – it’s only a point and shoot still camera and not an actual video camera, but I did my best!



The Winner Takes it All


You Raise Me Up


I Am What I Am (partial, as when I went to follow his movement with my camera, the battery died!)


I also tried to get a few photos, but sadly, it wasn’t working out too well. Here’s the best two I managed to snag (click on them to view larger sized):

I’ve watermarked these because I know how crazy some people can get with hot linking or saving photos and I wanted to retain credit for them. If you want an unwatermarked copy for icons or wallpaper or whatever, please contact me.

As we were leaving, we managed to catch John leaving as well in “Barry Vanilow” (as he told us he named his van). John was practically falling out of his van to wave to all of us.

Will I go see John again? Heck yeah!

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