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Make Your Own Draft Stopper

A few weeks back I talked about things we were doing to get our home ready for Winter and I mentioned making draft stoppers for the front door and living room door. Today I decided to make the front door draft blocker.

[It will be on the inside of the door, but there was better lighting if I took the photo outside!]

You will need:

-A pair of thick tights (40 denier or higher. Used is Ok, but make sure it doesn’t have any holes)
-Sand (I used about 6KG of builder’s sand, but you could get sand from a beach or a sandbox too. We just happen to have builder’s sand in the shed)
-Cardboard or a funnel
-Rubber gloves (optional, but it keeps the sand from getting stuck under your fingernails)

Step One:
Cut down the center of the tights to separate the legs.

Step Two:
Roll up the cardboard to create a funnel inside the leg, or use a funnel.

Step Three:
Fill up the leg with sand. This is best done outside! Once you think you have enough sand in the leg, stretch it out and move the sand around until it’s about the same length as the bottom of your door. Tie off the end and snip the edges. It should look something like this:

Step Four:
Take the other leg of the tights and stuff the sand-filled leg inside of it, leaving a small “tail” at the toe end. Tie off the outer tight at the top, cut the loose ends off, and tie a knot at the toe.

Your sand sock/draft buster is ready to use!

I’ve also been informed by my friend Lauren that if you use unscented kitty litter instead of sand it will absorb odours too. I did try this, and I have to say it wasn’t a success for me as it was too dusty and even though it says “unscented”, it still smelled like cat litter. I’m wondering if the clumping kind would have worked better, though.

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  1. elizabeth August 25th, 2013 9:16

    did you use your own tights for this ..? reason I ask is as I am 67 yrs of age I don’t wear Thick Black Tights , however my daughter in law in her 20’s wears them often ..

  2. Rebecca August 25th, 2013 9:56

    I actually bought new tights for this project, but there’s no reason you couldn’t use an old pair. Just make sure they have no holes and are thick enough so the sand doesn’t come out!

  3. elizabeth August 25th, 2013 18:57

    ok thanks ..I do know my daughter in law wears 120 denier tights and 90 denier from accessorize these should be thick enough ..I also thought of filling them up with other old tights in place of sand as she has loads of old tights lying around.

  4. Garry February 25th, 2014 8:27

    The steps given for this is really helpful to us. All these steps are really helpful to us to make a draft stopper for us. Keep sharing these kind of informations in the upcoming posts.

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