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A Tour of my A5 Filofax Finsbury

*warning, this was really long!*

I always use A5 sized notebooks for keeping notes, writing lists, keeping track of things, etc. etc. And when I would run out of space I’d buy a new notebook and then staple or re-write the things I wanted to keep OR I’d leave them in the old notebook, then lose the notebook by the time I needed the note! So I asked Tim for an A5 Filofax for Christmas and I’ve spent the past few months customising it. Am I done? No. I think customising it and rearranging it is something I’ll probably constantly do as my needs change.

I made the tour video above, and promised a blog post with links to the freebies I grabbed and printed. I also made a lot of my own inserts and the debate is out over offering them on Etsy for a few quid or just giving them away for free. Opinions? I wont be selling the tabs though because I don’t own the laminator. If we ever buy our own laminator, I might.

The Simon Cat’s pages came from a Simon’s Cat A5 diary I got for Christmas. I took it out of the spiral, covered the spiral with washi tape, and repunched holes. Of course, I wound up not using all the pages so I wasted a bit of time, but it might still come in handy.

TIP: To print A4 sized documents as A5, you have two options. If it is a PDF, you just set the print settings to booklet, and then if you want it to be left or right and if you want it to print front and back. If your document is a word doc, you can just set the printer settings to print 2 per page.

As I said, I designed my Daily Task, To-Do, Weekly Task, Monthly Task, and Quarterly Task pages myself. If there’s any interest in them, I might list them on Etsy or stick them on dropbox. IF I sell them on Etsy, I’d only sell them as printables and charge maybe £2 for the set.

The monthly calendars came from The Handmade Home. She released her 2016 freebies in June last year, so I’m going to make sure I check out her website around June for 2017! On that same page, you can find the emergency contact list I used (but didn’t show) and lots of other great printables.

My weekly pages are just the Filofax ones that came with my planner. I didn’t see any reason to look for other inserts, but I might seek different vertical pages for 2017. But I wouldn’t want to print my own, since I’m lazy and don’t want to have to cut and hole punch that many pages!

For meal planning, I printed out the monthly calendars offered on Philofaxy (They don’t want people to link to their stuff on Pinterest, and I’m not sure if they allow links, so you can google for them). Philofaxy offers lots of plain and simple inserts for a no-frills look. I originally was going to use them for my regular month, but I liked the pretty colours on the other ones better and decided to use these for my meal plan instead. The weekly meal plan pages I designed myself. I also had designed some Slimming World style weekly tracker pages, but I gave them up as I didn’t really like them and preferred the stickers from Dook Plook.

I followed this tutorial for making the folders. I had to modify the directions slightly to make the pocket A5 sized, but it generally worked. Really, you just fold and trim paper and use tape or glue to keep the end closed.

The Christmas planning pages I designed myself. If anyone wants them, I’ll toss them on Dropbox as it’s not worth charging for these!


My two favourite Etsy shops are Dook Plook Designs and The Geeky Planner. I also bought some stickers from Anna’s Planner Bubble. There are loads of other shops on Etsy, but I prefer buying stickers from a few shops to take advantage of bulk discounts and single postage rates. Some of my other stickers came from Paperchase or my stash of scrapbook stickers from the US. Basically, use what you like or what’s functional.

Any questions? Let me know!

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