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Travel Products Part 2

You can read part one here: Travel Techish Stuff Review

[Official Shop] BXT Travel Essential Bags-in-Bag,Travel Storage Underwear Pouch With Handle – Rose
– I first bought this when I was going on The Rock Boat XV in January 2015. I wanted to give packing cubes a try, and thought an underwear organiser/holder would be great since I was sharing a cabin with three other girls (ok, they were all friends of mine, but still) and then after I would be staying with my cousins in their guest room/office and I didn’t want my bras and knickers on display for my cousin’s husband and son. Unfortunately, I still haven’t actually taken this with me on a trip. I’ve attempted to pack into it THREE TIMES and all three times I changed my mind because the end result is too bulky. I’m not saying all packing cubes are bulky (my BFF has a nice set that worked well for her on the cruise), but this one just didn’t work for me. I think this could work if you were taking flimsier bras like sports bras or non-wired bras, but my wired bras just didn’t fit well in it. Either that, or my boobs are too big. But I really like the concept! Shame it didn’t work for me. I would love to get myself a set of eBags packing cubes, and I’ll probably get a set before the next trip to the US and see if it helps cut down on space. But honestly? Ziplock gallon and two gallon sized bags or travel space bags from the pound shop work pretty well for me.

Baggallini Plaza Mini Messenger Bag, Pink (Cherry Blossom) – This travel purse is pretty awesome and there are so many features to show you I’m going to go make a video about it and I will post it below:

Columbia Women’s Silver Ridge Skort – Fossil, UK 18,US 14,EU 46 – I bought this skirt (for a lot less!) in preparation for our trip to Austria last October. I already have one Columbia brand skort from about 10 years ago when I still lived in the US, and I love it. It was starting to get a little big on me, so I went for one size down from the size on the old one……this was a mistake. The skort did not fit over my hips and even if it had, it would have been VERY short….and when you’re under five feet tall, if something is short, it’s really short! But I am a fan of having a skort for travel, especially if it’s designed for hiking. It comes it handy to protect against chafing, and they look nice enough to be worn with regular tops. I’m just sad that I couldn’t wear this second one!

Regatta Mens NEW Work Outdoors Walking Hiking Water Repellent Action Trousers – One for the men, or I suppose the women who know their size in men’s trousers and wouldn’t mind the straight cut of the leg. We bought these for Tim based off the review that said they dry overnight. They don’t. Well, the might in the warmer months, but not in September in Austria. They took about 2 days to fully dry, but Tim found them comfortable and warm. They are also water resistant, which can he helpful. £12.99 isn’t a bad price considering Tim’s cargos from Primark cost the same. I didn’t look to see if they did a ladies cut style, but I’m sure they do. Regatta is a really good outdoors type company, so when I spot things for a decent price I tend to snag them.

Reisenthel Shoulder Bag, 30 Litres (48 x 39.5 x 29 CM) Bavaria – I love Reisenthel, and I particularly love the Bavaria print….but I am not in love with this bag or the medium version. (I also didn’t pay £40 for it! wow, prices have gone up!) The part I don’t like about it is the metal rods next to the zipper, which make it hard to open and close the zip…but the plus side is it opens up to a nice large rectangle with lots of side pockets. I take this shopping sometimes because it’s so big…but it’s also very bulky. It’s good for road trips and probably bus or train journeys, but I think the metal rods would get damaged if you used this as a checked bag.

My last item I’ll talk about in this post, is the neck wallet Tim wanted me t get before I took an overnight train from Florida to Pennsylvania on my own in January 2015:

Neck Travel Wallet to Secure Passports, Money, Credit Cards, Mobile Phones, Tickets, Boarding Pass – Quality Lightweight Neck Pouch Organiser with ID Display Window – This Passport Neck Holder can also be worn as Shoulder Travel Wallet – By Raqpak (Grey)

This particular one is no longer available, but it was VERY useful and it held my passport, cash, ID, credit cards, house key, phone, tickets, and even my 8″ Samsung tablet fit in it (although that made it very bulky). I tucked this under my fleece when I was sleeping on the train and took it with me whenever I used the loo to keep all my important documents on me. If you are making long-distance/overnight trips on public transportation on your own, I recommend getting something like this. Or a money belt. They even make clothing now that have secret pockets, but I’m really not sure I want to keep my passport in my underwear!


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