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Christmas Time is here…Happiness and Cheer…

It’s December! That means Christmas and Christmas decorating! I asked Tim what he had for decorations and he told me “a small tree and some tinsel”. He dug it all out, and it turns out what he was calling tinsel is what I call garland. His tree reminded me of the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. It was a silver colour and looked a bit sparse. Unfortunately (or is that fortunately?) Tim couldn’t find the base for the tree, so we headed into town to Wilkenson’s to buy a new tree.

Tim picked out a small four-foot tree and we grabbed some fairy lights (US: twinkle lights or just Christmas lights) and a few packs of generic ornaments in red, gold, and silver. Tim also had a light-up train his aunt had given him one year. We decided to put the train in the upstairs window and the tree in the living room. We wound the extra string of lights around the banister for the steps with some garland, and it actually gives more light than the regular light did!

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