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My Nose is a Snot Factory

Ugh, I’m sick.

[The rest of this post is not for the weak. I discuss my cold in detail.]

I got sick my first week here basically from the flight over (it happens every time I fly somewhere…the recycled air always makes me sick), and now here we are several weeks later, and Tim and I both came down with a cold – his started a few days before mine, but we both definitely have the same cold. Ugh. As an extra treat for me, my ears have decided they want to be clogged, so I’ve been having intermittent vertigo, too.

I miss my Zicam and Theraflu. Those two products and nine times out of ten, I’m better in 3 days. But neither is sold here. I’m stuck with generic vitamin C tablets and a product called Lemsip. Which is essentially exactly like Theraflu in that you mix it in hot water, but I prefer the Theraflu thin strips, so it’s completely different.

Tomorrow, Tim and I are supposed to go to Peterborough to meet up with some people from the UKYankee board, but I’m not sure if we’ll feel up to it. I really don’t think we should have gone to York on Thursday in all that rain/sleet/snow, but we have to take the opportunities when Tim has the days off to do stuff on!

I’ve been living in pajamas the past few days…good thing I packed more than one pair – I’ve been showering and then putting on clean pajamas. Unfortunately, I’ll need to do laundry soon though, I’m running out of shirts!

I think I’ve gone through a forest of trees in terms of tissues. I was using one of Tim’s handkerchief’s the day we went to York, but I’m not sure where the clean ones are to grab another, and besides which, after a few hours they’re too soaked to use, anyway. Where is all this snot coming from?! I swear, my brain is going to come out of my nose soon.

I can feel my sinuses go “squish” as they’re horribly clogged, inflamed, and sore. The pressure is, of course, creating a headache, too. I gave myself a little relief in the shower earlier, and I’ve been boiling a pan of water on the stove – both to keep the air moist, and so I can breathe in the steam to try to keep things clear. I’ve also discovered that Bert’s Bees lip balm is good for clearing your sinuses. Put some on your lips and between your lips and nose (I was doing this because the skin was getting dry from all that nose blowing!), and it helps to keep things clear. Who knew?

It’s a Saturday afternoon, and television sucks. Really, it’s no different than being in the US and having oodles of cable channels! BBC1 has a dart championship, BBC2 a movie about WWI, ITV has on a western, and Channel 4 has on horse racing (Yes, those are the only channels Tim gets). During the week I’m okay with flipping between the channels and I find stuff to watch, but weekends are horrible. And it’s made especially worse as today I just want to curl up under a few blankets and watch mindless TV all day. Guess I’ll pop in a DVD. Tim has a ton I can pick from, and I brought along a few, too.

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  1. Jeff Atkinson December 6th, 2008 15:24

    I just stopped by your blog and thought I would say hello. I like your site design. Looking forward to reading more down the road.

  2. AnnaOnTheMoon December 6th, 2008 15:27

    Thanks Jeff! Sorry your introduction to my blog had to be about me being sick!

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