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There’s a frog in the living room!

I don’t want to take a picture of it and scare it with the flash, so I tried taking a video. I can see him if I look where he is, but I’m not sure if he’s visible on the video or not.

I texted both Tim and his sister, S, because I wasn’t sure what to do and sometimes Tim can’t reply to me from work. S told me how to catch it, but the darn thing crawled behind stuff and I don’t want to scare it if I move the bag he’s hiding behind.

Tim told me he’d take care of it when he gets home from work….unless Prudence (the cat) “gets to it first”…so I’ve been keeping an eye on the kitty and chasing her out of the living room. I’ve been trying to get her to go outside, but she won’t so far.

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  1. Jennifer Ofenstein February 27th, 2009 14:30

    We had a toad hop out of a plant I brought inside from the front porch. It made it into the kitchen and behind the stove in record time. I managed to shoo it out with a broom, and then Big E took it outside, but it peed on him on the way out. I was just glad a kitty didn’t get a hold of it!

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