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Top 10 Memories From the Past 6 Months:

10. The frog in the living room!
9. Seeing “Spamalot” and “Oliver!” in the West End
8. Getting locked in the loo on the train
7. Exterminate 45 with the Leicester Doctor Who Club
6. UK Ships and Dip get together in Liverpool
5. My Hovercraft is full of eels
4. Christmas in the UK, and being treated like family by Tim’s family
3. Spending six months with the man I love
2. Stonehenge at sunset
1. Hearing Tim say to me “I love you” for the first time.

Top 10 Things I’ll Miss about the UK

10. Boots
9. Primark (Where in the US can you get nice jeans for £6?)
8. Public transportation that works
7. BBC/BBC Radio
6. Ribena & D&B Soda (though not mixed together)
5. Tesco
4. Tim
3. My UK Friends & Family
2. Tim
1. Did I mention Tim?

My flight is out of LHR at 4:15PM BST tomorrow. Landing in IAD at 7:15PM EST…ETA back in Lancaster probably around 10 or 11PM.

Regular posting will resume at some point this week, and it will include the HUGE backlog of places I’ve visited…I think I have to backtrack all the way to London in January! But, it gives me something to do instead of moping about missing Tim, eh?

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