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Fixing Mailto Links to use GMail in Firefox3.5

Occasionally, I like to post things here that are useful to the masses, as opposed to just blog posts….

Just in case anyone else is having this problem:

Go to Tools -> Options -> Applications then scroll down to mailto and make sure GMail is selected in the drop down. If GMail doesn’t show there, follow the lifehacker instructions on how to add GMail to the options.

Also, if you were using Better Gmail 2, No Squint, or any other add-on that firefox 3.5 tells you is incompatible, search for the websites for each add-on and on the sites there should be updates for 3.5 and instructions on how to install.

It’s also worth noting that Firefox 3.5 doesn’t have a huge memory leak previous versions of Firefox seemed to have been plagued with.

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