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An Apology

I’d like to Apologize to all my readers who may have been wondering where the updates about Tim’s visit are. I promise, they’re coming. Tim left to go home 8 days ago. Around this time on the 8th, he and I were on our way to the R1 airport line at 30th street that was going to take us down to the airport, where I would have to part ways with him for a few weeks.

As you can imagine, this has been really hard on me. That’s not to say that I wasn’t sad when I left the UK in April…but there’s something so much worse about taking the return train ride back alone, going to bed alone, preparing breakfast the next day alone, and seeing all the things that remind you of the person who left. So I’ve been taking a break from everything, sort of. Paired with a few days of feeling really crappy (thanks to my stomach, and then getting a brief cold/flu bug), it’s just not been a good week for writing updates.

But I assure you, they are coming. Hopefully before I leave for my trip to Ireland and the UK on September 14th ;).

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