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British Crud

I’ve had Con Crud, and Cruise Crud, and the Canadian Death Cold…so I dub this, British Crud.

It started out with Tim having what I thought was a mild cold. He seemed to still be doing everything he needed to do, and went off to work each morning armed with packets of Lemsip (like Theraflu). He’s over it now, but he managed to pass it on to me….and boy, did he pass it on to me.

I’ve spent three of the past four nights sleeping down on the sofa because my sleeping patterns are so crazy. I’ll sleep for two hours, then be up for three, so I’ve been watching a lot of partial DVDs. I can barely breathe most of the time, so I’ve been wearing a breathe right strip on my nose whenever I’m indoors and using lots of Sudafed nasal spray (the only thing that clears my nose!). I coughed on and off, and I keep suffering from having an extremely dry mouth. Downing pint size glasses of Ribena every hour just to try to keep things from getting dry.

Everytime I think I might be “getting better”…something else hits. Today appears to be another day of needing to blow my nose every 15 minutes. Such joy.

In other news, Tim and I got out of the house yesterday and went to see Avatar. We both really liked it and I now see why it’s been winning awards. What I didn’t like was the snow/sleet that greeted us when we left the theatre. Yuck. Not what my cold needed. But I don’t think it made me any worse. By the time we got home, Tim just had enough time to eat dinner (soup in the crock pot) before heading out for his overnight shift.

And in some really good news – my visa debit card arrived for the bank account, so I don’t need to ask Tim for money if I need to go shopping. I also received the application (and sent it back) for my NI Number. Still no sign of the NHS card, but I need to wait until I kick this cold to go see the GP anyway.

So my life’s been a little boring lately, but I figured I’d post. I still also have previous trips that are begging to be written about, so hopefully I’ll find time to work on some of those as I’m feeling better.

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