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One thing I always worried about when I was dating was if my boyfriend’s family would accept me, and if my family would accept him. I had several boyfriends in my past (I won’t name names) who my mom didn’t like, or my aunt didn’t like, or his parents didn’t like me…one boyfriend’s mom even tried to break us up! (she didn’t succeed, but we broke up a few months later) I always worried about getting married, since you read so many horror stories about issues with in-laws on either side.

…but I have to say, Tim and I don’t have that problem with each other’s families. My mom and my aunts, uncles, and cousins have all accepted Tim and love him, and his family has accepted me. I love it. It’s fantastic.

We got a Valentine’s Day card from my aunt today and it was really sweet. The front said “To my Neice and ‘Nephew'” and on the inside my aunt had written how she hadn’t realized Tim was now her nephew, but she’s decided he must be.

And on Tim’s side, his family keeps telling me how glad they are I’m here, and how happy I’m making Tim….that really makes me feel special. And I’ve been added onto the roster of “feed Granddad” – basically, Tim and I will be taking an evening meal over to Granddad once a week (as Tim’s schedule permits).

I’m just so glad that Tim and I both have family who accepts the other, and that we get along with each other’s families.

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