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UK Wedding Reception

Tim and I held a reception for his family on the 17th of April so his family would get a chance to celebrate with us. It had been our plan from the beginning to hold a reception in the US and a reception here in the UK for both our families, so no one would feel left out. I think it went over pretty well!

We had the reception at the Duke William Hotel on Bailgate in Lincoln. While we did have some problems with them initially in terms of communication, once we finally got things settled down, it worked well. The staff at the Duke William really outdid themselves in terms of food – we had so much food we almost didn’t have room for it on the table! My mother-in-law’s friend who attended our reception and then a party the following day at a more expensive venue even said that we had more/better food!
The nice thing about having it catered was we didn’t need to worry about the food. Tim, my mom, his mom, his sister, his aunt, and I all met at the venue in the morning to do the decorating, but then we were free for the rest of the day. Tim and I took my mom around bailgate and to the castle square, where the monthly farmer’s market was happening. We also walked around the cathedral, and stopped off at a friend’s ice cream shop for a treat before going to get dressed.

Tim and I had decided we wanted to take some photos over at the cathedral, so he and I took off with his camera and tripod and found a nice spot to take some photos. By the time we got back to the pub, some of our guests had arrived!

Everything was fantastic. My brain started going fuzzy after several glasses of wine and champagne, but everyone had a great time. We soon were left with just family, and we cranked up the stereo and sang and danced until midnight when the landlady asked us to turn down our music! We took that as a sign to break up the party, and packing up our things was super easy since we only had to pack up the items we wanted to keep. The pub would be cleaning the room in the morning. Such a huge difference from the US reception when we had to not only clean up all the food, but also had to sweep the floor and put away the tables & chairs!

Thanks to all who came to make this a fantastic night for us!

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