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He Got It!!

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I’m married to a MOM.

Mobile Operations Manager.

This is the position Tim interviewed for on Christmas Eve. The one he was supposed to go to training for 2 weeks ago that he got dropped from for not having the proper medical level.

We really thought Tim might not get the position because his fellow interviewee (and friend) who was sent on the course with Tim and was able to go received a rejection letter on Monday, and originally they were all told that rejections weren’t going out until after the person offered the position accepted.

Funny enough, Tim’s offer letter was dated YESTERDAY. Tim thought maybe his letter was being held back because he was the second, his mum thought maybe his letter was being held back because he needed the medical first. Whatever the reason…I don’t care because he got the job!

I’m so so proud of him. This is a “temporary” position – the letter says it will start at a to be determined date and last for 6 months, so basically, 6 months from whenever he has the training I’m assuming. I don’t know all the inside workings but basically there is a manager off for medical reasons in Newark, so they have one of the Lincoln MOMs filling in for him and needed a temp MOM to fill in in Lincoln. After the 6 months, they’ll drop Tim back to his regular job (so he won’t become unemployed) — but he’ll still have all the MOM training and still be able to be used as a “step-up” or even for him to go for a MOM position elsewhere.

Boys in the panel must be thrilled – one person out for 6 months means more OT for them! 🙂

*edit to add* Tim’s explained that it could be for more than 6 months – the letter is just guaranteeing that he will get that grade pay for at LEAST 6 months.

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