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I didn’t get the part.

I’m not too upset by it, but at the same time I am a little disappointed. It’s hard hearing such great things about your voice and then getting told “sorry, we’d rather go in a different direction”. But the woman who called me told me at least four times in the five-minute phone call that the judicatures were all very impressed with my voice and liked my singing…it just wasn’t what they were looking for. Admittedly, I wasn’t really expecting it to be. I have a polished voice…this was for the part of Priscilla Biggadyke, who probably didn’t have a polished/professional sounding singing voice. I also of course had the American accent thing possibly going *against* me – but at least I was honest when asked if I could do a British accent. Saves them the trouble of possibly casting me only to find out my British accent would make Dick van Dyke’s accent in “Mary Poppins” look proper! (Though I also could pull off an Eliza Doolittle accent, but that’s pretty much the same as DvD’s, really.)

The best thing to do is accept the rejection graciously. I’ve been offered tickets to the performance, which I might take them up on. I also do plan on asking BBC Lincolnshire to keep my information on file in case anything pops up that I would be appropriate for. Even if it’s just singing a jingle for an upcoming event or something.

I suppose it’s a little late in life to revert back to my 16-yr-old self’s dream of singing professionally, though.

OTOH, at least I don’t have to worry about squeezing in rehearsal for this on top of convention rehearsals with Lincoln Sounds, garden railway steam-ups, and everything else that goes on on a regular basis.

Still, like I said, it is a little disappointing after having such a fantastic audition.

Will I audition for anything else in the future? Probably. I keep wanting to get involved with the Theatre Royal’s productions, but find out about auditions and things too late to participate. The Broadbent Theatre is also close by, though participating there will have to wait until I can drive myself. And of course, there’s always my “dream” of joining Lace City in Nottingham!

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  1. miss m March 23rd, 2011 15:57

    Aw bummer. Sorry you didn’t get it. Don’t let one no sway you though if you really want to pursue more professional gigs. In any kind of profession like this you get MANY more no’s than yes’s. At least you know you did good, even if they were looking for something different this time around.


  2. Rebecca March 23rd, 2011 16:06

    *hugs* I don’t know when I’ll audition for something again, but I certainly will be keeping an eye out for the opportunity. This kind of goes back to a small meltdown I had last week where Tim asked me what I wanted to do and told me to go for it, and my dream of singing semi-professionally came back to light. So, we shall see!

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