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That Went Well….

I’m quite pleased with my audition. It went really well, and the people I auditioned with were very nice…they even made me blush by telling me how good I was!

Talk about a confidence booster. It was especially nice to see the three judicatures nodding their heads and tapping their feet to “Anything Goes”.

So here’s what happened:

I got to the studio about a half hour before my audition slot, and was sent back to the interior lobby where I was interviewed (and recorded) by I’m guessing a student intern (she mentioned living in student accommodations while we were chatting, so that was my clue). I was just asked some general questions about who I was, my singing experience, my performing experience, and how I found out about the interviews. Then, it was back out into the interior lobby to wait to be called back into the audition room – three judicatures, 2 techs running the cameras and recording equipment, and the person I had been emailing with this past week. I managed to sing the first two verses of their song they wanted everyone to sing before I stopped and apologized for not being able to do the last verse (I had forgotten how it went!). I was told that they were sorry I had had to stop! That felt good! Onto my second song, “Anything Goes”, and I think I did really well. Like I said, people were tapping their feet, nodding their heads, and really enjoying it and again seemed to be disappointed when I stopped singing! After the audition, I was called back in to be interviewed (just to ask how I felt it went), and the interviewer asked me if I had been asked if I could do a British accent…I hadn’t been asked, and I admitted to the girl that I didn’t think I could, so…we shall see.

I should be hearing this afternoon if I received a part or not, but even if I didn’t, it still was great to go out there and sing.

A big thank you goes out to BBC Lincolnshire for even considering me!

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  1. miss m March 23rd, 2011 3:26

    Congrats on getting out there and doing it! 🙂 Hopefully you hear good news, if not, well, at least you had a positive experience for next time.

  2. Rebecca March 23rd, 2011 8:24

    Thanks. I didn’t get it (and posted probably right before you left this comment), but it was still a lot of fun. I’m glad I did it.

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