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Recipe: Cream Cheese Glaze

Seems a bit silly to post this, as it’s not even really a recipe, but I’m really pleased with how it looks and how the photo came out, so I’m sharing it!

Weeks ago, I placed an order with Tesco, as I do every week. If the store doesn’t have what you ordered online, your shopper substitutes an item. If the new item costs more than the one you wanted, you only get charged for the one you ordered. If the new item is less than the original, you get charged the lower amount. Most of the times this means I wind up with a slightly posher brand of loo roll or a different brand of brown bread. But a few weeks ago? I don’t know what was on their mind! I placed an order for a box of Betty Crocker Bisquick – you know, pancake mix – but Tesco sent me a Betty Crocker Carrot Cake mix instead! The driver decided to give me the carrot cake mix and I would get a refund for it. Well, I don’t say no to free carrot cake!

It also gave me a chance to finally try out the bundt pan my mom gave me for Christmas from Lakeland. It’s a terrific pan. You can tell it was made from good quality metal, and as it’s from Lakeland, I can be assured it will last for many years.

I followed the directions on the box and greased the pan with some butter and flour so it wouldn’t stick. The cake came out moist and spongy – just like a cake should. As far as taste…well, there wasn’t much carrot in it. I made a carrot cake from scratch with grated carrots a few months ago, and my cake had far more of a carrot-y taste than this one. My friends I served it to compared it to a spice cake, that was how little it tasted like carrots (but it did get her kids to eat it!)

To jazz it up a bit, I made a cream cheese glaze, which is super simple:

1 pack of cream cheese, left out to get soft
200-300g icing sugar (powdered sugar)

And all you do is blend the two together with a mixer. Start with about 150g of sugar. If it’s not stiff enough or sweet enough, add more, but I wouldn’t add more than 300g, or you’ll wind up with a TON of glaze and be stuck trying to find things to use it with like I was!

Does this count as a recipe post? Sure, why not! I haven’t blogged in a week, so at least I’m getting something out there for you to read!

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  1. falnfenix April 20th, 2011 14:46

    eh, you’re better off without bisquick. make your own dry mix and store it in a jar. 🙂

  2. Rebecca April 20th, 2011 14:54

    All of the recipes for making your own that I’ve looked at aren’t any good for being stored unless you keep it in the fridge, and my fridge is just too small for that.

  3. falnfenix April 20th, 2011 15:14

    even dry? give me a few, i”ll find one.

  4. falnfenix April 20th, 2011 15:24

    from HilbillyHousewife forums:

    According to the wikipedia article, one cup of Bisquick can be sustitued with:
    1 c flour,
    1½ tsp baking powder,
    ½ tsp salt,
    1 tbsp oil or melted butter.

    You could easily mix large portions of the first three ingredients, and then store in the pantry. When you use it, use *just* over a cup and the tbsp of oil or melted butter.

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