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Recipe: Mocha Mint Cappuccino Mix

I puzzled facebook friends by posting this photo in my “food and recipes” folder:

And captioned it “What did I make with this?”

I made cappuccino mix!

But I should back up a little and tell the story.

The first part of the story is from about 10 or so years ago when my mom and I were looking for something we could make our office friends for christmas that wasn’t going to break the bank, and we discovered a recipe for cappuccino mix. We made it and everyone loved it – my aunt so much that she gave us her empty container and asked us to refill it!

The second part of the story comes from a girl obsessed with Starbucks. Me. When December rolled around, my favourite drink was an iced peppermint mocha or a frappucino. One year, I mentioned to the barista how sad it was that the peppermint mocha was only offered in December, and she told me I could order it regularly and ask for a shot of peppermint. It would cost me an additional fee for the flavour, but I was able to get peppermint mocha year round.

…and then I moved to the UK, where Starbucks does not have peppermint mocha. My mom found an International Coffee powdered version that she sent me and I gobbled it up. She also found peppermint Coffeemate powdered creamer and sent that along. Recently, I’ve been looking at the second caninster and thinking about making something with it, when I remembered the old cappuccino mix recipe. To make it even minty-er, I decided to use mint hot chocolate mix, and to get it to “froth”, I picked Aero hot chocolate. You can make this with regular creamer and regular hot chocolate or any flavour hot chocolate and regular creamer. If you can’t find regular creamer, you can use powdered milk.

So, here’s what you need. I did the measurements for this in Metric, but as long as you get the ratios right, you can use any measuring system you want.

100g instant coffee
200g powdered creamer
200g hot chocolate
50g Splenda (or sugar, but I was trying to make it a little less sugary)

you also will need a plastic zipper top bag, a rolling pin or glass, and some containers to put the finished product in….like the containers you just emptied!

Step 1 – Pour the coffee into the zipper-top bag, squeeze out as much air as you can, and seal it. Gently roll over the coffee with a rolling pin to break up the granules.
Step 2 – Add the hot chocolate, powdered creamer, and splenda to the bag. Seal it up tight and shake it until everything is mixed together.
Step 3 – Pour into containers.

[finished product on the left, it’s inspiration on the right!]

When you are ready to have some, just put 3-4 spoonfuls in a mug and top with hot water. I like to fill my cup about 3/4 with boiling water from the kettle and then top it off with cold water from the tap so I can drink it right away.

This would make a great gift, too!

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  1. Michelloui September 30th, 2011 12:55

    I LOVE this idea! I have a kid at uni who would love this too so there’s one christmas present ticked off the list, or ‘checked’ 😉

    Fantastic Rebecca, thanks!

  2. qtshorty1625 September 30th, 2011 19:39

    Sounds yummy! And what I think is really cool with this recipe is how easy it would be to modify it to personal preference, by either using a different flavored creamer, or a particular type of hot chocolate, etc.

    I so have to try this one of these days. . . As well as your trick of using some cold tap water to be able to drink it right away since I’m forever burning my tongue and mouth on coffee and tea. :).

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