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Make it McBecca

Who doesn’t love a fast food breakfast? A toasted (English) muffin, an egg, some bacon, a bit of cheese, and of course, a hash brown. Tim has dubbed these sandwiches “McBecca”s because they are an exact copy of a McDonald’s McMuffin, but without the grease.

You will need:

One muffin per person
2 slices of bacon per person
1 large egg per person (or 2 smaller eggs)
1 slice of cheese per person
bag of frozen hash browns

Follow the directions on the bag of hash browns for oven baking and bake 1-2 hash browns per person.
Split each muffin and toast it, butter optional.
Cook the bacon using your preferred method. I like to grill ours and then pull off the fat rind before eating.
Wisk together the eggs and a splash of milk, adding pepper or any other additional flavourings you want.
Cook your eggs the same way you would scrambled eggs, but try to keep the egg mixture in larger pieces (makes it easier!)
Now all you do is assemble your sandwich in whatever order you prefer. I like putting the bacon on the bottom, topped with the egg, and then putting the slice of cheeese on top so the warm egg melts the cheese a little bit.

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