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Menu Plan Monday

I had to half-ass our meal plan at around midnight last night because I had the Tesco order coming today and there was NOTHING on it!

So, here’s our sad plan.

Monday – Breakfast for Lunch
Tuesday – Steamed salmon with veggies and rice
Wednesday – Tuna steaks with salad
Thursday – something with the frozen leftover turkey, probably pot pie or Tetrazinni
Friday – Swedish Meatballs
Saturday – Cranberry burgers
Sunday – Roast Chicken

Total cost of groceries for the week? £30. In the freezer (or over at Tim’s parents in their extra freezer) we have the salmon, tuna, turkey, meatballs, and a whole chicken.

Total so far for the month? £50. Though I have a feeling after we eat the freezer down it might get a little more expensive.

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