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Recipe: Slimming World Friendly Turkey and Pumpkin Chili

I’m at it again. Changing and modifying other people’s recipes. This time, it’s a recipe for Turkey Pumpkin Chili.

I’ve just started Slimming World with a few other people and this recipe is perfect as it contains all FREE FOOD on the EXTRA EASY plan.

You will need:

Fry Light
200g button mushrooms (finely chopped)
500g lean turkey mince (it has to have less than 5% to be free. I got my pack at Waitrose and it was 3% fat)
2 tins of tomatoes or diced tomatoes
1 pint of pumpkin puree*
3 teaspoons mild chili powder
2 teaspoons dried oregano
2 teaspoons cinnamon
1 teaspoon cumin
1 teaspoon ground pepper
500g corn (fresh, frozen, or tinned)

-Spray the inside of your dutch oven or large pot with fry light and saute the mushrooms for a few minutes until they start to get a little mushy.
-Break up the turkey mince and add it to the pot and let turkey fully cook (about 10-15 minutes)
-Add the tins of tomatoes (and the juice) and use a wooden spoon to break them up if you used whole tomatoes. Give it a stir
-Carefully add the pumpkin. This filled my pot to the brim so I had to sort of fold it in instead of stir.
-Add your spices minus the salt (you’ll salt it later)
-Cook until the it boils, about 15 minutes. Turn down the heat and give it a taste. Adjust your spices if you don’t think it is spicy enough and add salt if necessary.
-Stir in the corn and heat corn thoroughly (maybe another 5-10 minutes)

As I said, according to checking all the Syn information on the Slimming World website, this meal as-is is entirely FREE. If you make any additions yourself, please check your ingredients against the Slimming World website first. This might taste really good with a dollop of cream fraiche on it, but that would add I think 2 Syns.

Want a really bad photo of the dish?

There’s a much prettier photo on Garnish With Lemon with the original recipe.


*The original recipe calls for 2 15oz tins of pumpkin puree. I don’t have tins of it, I have fresh pumpkin I pureed**, so I took my pint sized glass measuring jug and filled that with puree. a pint falls a little short of 30oz, but I wasn’t going to fiddle with it and the amount I used worked fine as you could definitely taste the pumpkin.

**Every October I buy several pumpkins and roast them to make my own puree since tins of it are hard to find in the UK and it’s not a year-round food here. You never know when you’ll want to make a pumpkin pie in the middle of February!

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