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Twenty-three Days!

I head home in six days….and then 16 days later I’m headed to the UK for two months. Yikes! That’s a small turn around, and I have a lot I need to get done. The 30th is a wasted day, I’m traveling on it all day and will get into Lancaster at 11:55PM. October 1 I’m going to probably be spending that day unpacking, doing laundry, doing stuff with my mom, and spending quality time with my cat.

Things I have to do before I leave (again):

  • unpack, make new packing list, repack
  • buy a power adapter for the UK (anyone have one I can borrow?)
  • buy batteries for my camera
  • make sure refund goes through
  • print all UK travel docs
  • shop for whatever I need (make a list of what I need)

I feel like I’m missing something….

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*Whew* Good News!


I seriously have an awesome friend.

My friend’s mom works for an airline and gets “buddy passes” that can be used on any flight. She talked to her mom, and her mom offered me buddy passes to go to the UK, and for less then what AirIndia was charging me…..AND she’s letting me pay her back after I get my refund from AirIndia.

The caveat is that I have to fly out of Dulles, which is farther from the house than PHL or BWI, but…I already talked to my mom and she’s willing to do it, so I also don’t need to use trains and shuttles anymore to get to the airport (As far as I know, there isn’t a train to Dulles, other than going through DC anyway), which will save us money, because Train+shuttle was going to probably run $100 extra anyway!

God, I love them both so much right now.

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